PVC Exterior Revolving Doors

PVC Exterior Revolving Doors

The exterior revolving doors harmoniously complete the way to the house’s exterior and shape at first sight, the interior personality of the premises.

  • The possibility to add an aluminium sill for areas with intense traffic;
  • with open casement (closed frame), for an increase thermal insulation;
  • wide sash of 105 mm or 126 mm (for atypical dimensions and special requirements);
  • Low E thermal insulation glazing with Argon: 24 mm pack with 2 glass panes (Float 4 mm -16 mm spacer – Low E 4 mm), with heat transfer coefficient k = 1,1 W / m2K;
  • ROTO special hinges.
  • zinked steel reinforcement of up to 2 mm thickness;
  • weather resistant, waterproofed.

We offer you a creative design

PVC Exterior Revolving Doors characteristics:

The entrance door is the general creative point of every façade, thus constituting the business card of the house. The doors executed by BOMBARDIER are architectural design elements and contribute decisively to the façade’s appearance by dimension, shape, and exterior distribution. Profile details and geometry enhance the classical line and offers a modern and attractive appearance, providing individuality and value.

The technique used

In regards to the PVC entrance doors, stability, torsion strength and durability have an equally important role. Therefore, when it comes to doors manufacturing, BOMBARDIER uses thick steel reinforcements and welded joints at corners. All these contribute decisively to extending the life of the entrance door.