Garage Doors

Garage Doors

The sectional garage doors in our offer are the most modern and reliable doors on the European market for residential or industrial applications. Alternatively, you can find also roller type garage doors of high quality and complying with the European norms for operation and safety, but also single panel doors of the same quality standards.
The available colors for the roller garage doors are: white, dark brown and light brown. Upon request, they can be executed in any RAL color or wood reproduction. The roller type garage door mounting can be on the outside, inside or in opening.
Irrespective of the mounting method, the garage door assembly will not obstruct the space or restrain the garage utility.

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Technical details:

  • the slats are of aluminium, powder coated; slats interior is filled with high density polyurethane foam; slats have thicknesses of 13,5 or 17 mm, and height is of 55 or 77 mm
  • the laths are of extruded aluminium and equipped with draught strips
  • the box is manufactured of powder coated aluminium sheet, with inspection cover; ox dimensions are 300 mm height and 300 mm depth
  • the motor with interior steel shaft generates a force p to 120Nm
  • the crank is detachable, it is used for emergency manual operation
  • interior seals are of 2,5 mm rubber

Actuation: Roller type garage doors can be actuated electrically with control button or remote control, or manually actuated with spring or crank.