Pistea Nicolae – Rasinari

I am very satisfied, in the beginning, there were some delays (the sill and caps) but they were solved and now I am very pleased with the results.

Szabo Paraschiva

I am very satisfied, the appearance is very beautiful; I wanted golden oak; the color is very pleasant, the windows are very well executed; I am very satisfied with the company; we have another house to renew and we will contact again the BOMBARDIER company.

Duduman Constantin

I have a very good opinion about BOMBARDIER company, it is really good, they keep their promises, just a week ago, I called the guys to come and make some adjustments and it is solved!

Dancanet Dan

The collaboration with the Bombardier company was excellent, the guidance provided by the agents was at highest level and the windows are extremely well installed.
We recommended you to many of our friends who replaced their windows.

Ciobanu Ioan

I was satisfied with everything in the collaboration with Bombardier company.

Petrascu Alin

I am satisfied with the company and the executed work; I will contract Bombardier company in the future.

Opris Mihaela

Generally, I have a good opinion and I am satisfied.

Popa Dumitru

I have a very good opinion.

Bordean Ioan

BOMBARDIER is a good company, I am very satisfied; the handle on a door was too long and I couldn’t lock it, but the guys came and changed it and this is shorter and I can’t easily handle the door; now the handle must be forced a little to open the door.

Beres Laura

I have a good opinion and we are very pleased; we have no problems; the work is already a year old; the price/performance ratio is very good and we recommended you and we will recommend you further!

Miclaus Ioan

I had doors installed and I am very pleased with them.

Modran Maria

I have a good opinion about BOMBARDIER, we are pleased with the work.

Stoichita Maria

I am satisfied, the windows were installed to a house we don’t live in, and next summer we want to install also a new door; we will contract again your company.

Roman Ana

I am very satisfied with BOMBARDIER, it was the right company for us; we had no problems with the work, because if we had any, I would call you, and if we will, I will call you.

Gota Ana

We are very satisfied with the windows and doors.

Bandica Ana

Very good windows, you have some very good, skilled, and experienced guys.

Dan Maria

We had the work installed last year and we are satisfied, we had no problems.

Adam Ana

We are satisfied, BOMBARDIER is a company that honored its contract.