Sills and Insect Screens

BOMBARDIER sills have a very important role to ensure the protection of walls, but also an aesthetic one, finalizing the window frame appearance.
Interior sills: made of extruded PVC, moisture,
High temperatures, and scratches resistant, easy to maintain, can be ordered in different wood reproduction shades.
Exterior sills: made of powder-coated aluminium, very resistant to weather, protect the exterior walls, beautifies the appearance of the façade, can be ordered in different colors.


Insect Screens

glafuri plase insecteInsect Screens plase insecte

The accessories range is added with different types of insect screens: classic (hinged, which can be installed on any type of window frames) or retractable (with box that can be removed during wintertime).

The most modern system is the “plisse” type, with vertical or horizontal operation, without preloaded elements and which provides maximum efficiency and reliability.

Hinged screens are available in two colors, white and brown. The mesh itself is of fireproofed fiberglass. The insect screen is installed with hinges and locks, and is opened outwards.

The roller type insect screens consist of powder-coated aluminium box and laths. The laths have strips that prevent the mesh from getting out of the laths. These screens are easy to operate, rising and lowering being made simply by pulling the operation string. Standard colors of the profile are white and brown, but upon request, it can be painted in any desired color. The mesh is of with very fine fiberglass, mesh color is grey or black.

Plisse screens are the most modern insect screens, with maximum reliability and efficiency. They can be manufactured in large dimensions, up to 3200 mm width and 2400 mm height. The screen frame is made of extruded aluminium, powder-coated, and available in two standard colors, white and brown. The mesh color is dark grey. Plisse screens are easy to operate, both on vertical and horizontal.