The hardware provides handling and durability of windows over time, as well as safety of moving parts. It must endure all stresses it will be subject to and to be corrosion proofed.

The hardware used by BOMBARDIER in the construction of PVC window frames with thermal insulation glazing are ROTO – one of the most known brands among the European hardware producers. Tradition and special quality made of ROTO concern one of the names that set new standards in the field.

The Roto NT hardware range is the top range of the German concern ROTO and offers all the advantages for the use of windows in maximum safety conditions beside a modern and pleasant design.

The advantages of using Roto NT hardware in the construction of windows are as follows:

  • corrosion proof according to European norms RAL RG 60713;
  • guaranteed for 15.000 open-close cycles;
  • very good sealing;
  • superior esthetics, pleasant color;
  • hardware is zinc plated and then chromed;
  • strength, stability, and safety;
  • standard equipment has at least one burglar-proof element (locking roll with “mushroom” type shape);
  • easy maintenance (twice a year lubrication);
  • optionally, the foolproof and micro-ventilation element can be installed.



Hardware sets:


  • HOPPE Atlanta Secustick handle (white, brown, titanium or bronze);
  • Caps for hinges in handle color;
  • Foolproof and fold lift element installed on the frame and sash;
  • Micro-ventilation element on frame;
  • Burglar-proof element on frame and sash;
  • Covering element for the groove on the bottom side of the frame.


Hinges used on exterior doors are provided by ROTO or SIMONSWERK, hinges that provide the doors with a stronger support and a plus of comfort and safety.

• safe and precise operation;
• increased strength due to supporting and guiding steel bolts;
• adjustment on three directions;
• possible to install also outside due to burglar-proof element.