GREENEVO WINDOW – Innovative system with a premium energetic performance


GreenEvo Window

Profile system with 6 thermal insulation chambers, 3 sealing rings at the closure of the frame and 3 more gaskets at the joint of the glass on the frame or sash, with a depth of construction of 76 mm, offering optimal thermal and sound protection. The new GREENEVO system reduces thermal losses resulting in substantially lower maintenance costs.

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GREENEVO window characteristics:                                                                                                             

  • KOMMERLING PVC profile, import Germany
  • construction depth of 76 mm
  • 6-chamber thermal insulation system
  • zinked steel reinforcement of up to 2 mm thickness
  • 3 continuous thermal bonding seals, with increased ageing resistance
  • low heat transfer coefficient
  • LowE Solar thermal insulation glazing with Argon:
  • 24 mm pack, 2 glass panes (Planitherm4S 4mm + Float 4mm) – heat transfer coefficient k = 1,0 W/m2k
  • 40mm packk, 3 glass panse (Planitherm4S 4mm + Float 4mm + LowE 4mm) – heat transfer coefficient k = 0,6 W/m2k
  • Roto NT Titan Mat hardware equipped with burglar-proof mushroom bolts
  • micro-ventilation and foul-proof system
  • reduces energy losses, resulting in lower heating or conditioning costs and ensures a better soundproofing;
  • superior soundproofing (depending on the glazing pack used) between 34 ÷ 40 dB
  • optionally, a wide range of accessories can be added
    different options for shape, dimensions, opening method and colors

Values certified by the Windows Research Institute of Rosenheim, Germany.



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