THE AD WINDOW – The Best Quality – Price Balance

AD Window

The 5-chamber profile system, with construction depth of 76 mm, includes all that is necessary for your windows: by the special thermal insulation properties, you will reduce not only the heating costs, but you will also actively contribute to CO2 reduction. The smooth inner channel of the frame has no grooves where dirt could accumulate, making the window cleaning much easier.

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AD Window characteristics:

  • PVC KOMMERLING profile
  • construction depth of 76 mm
  • 5 room thermal insulating system
  • zinked steel reinforcement of up to 2 mm thickness
  • 2 continuous thermal bonding seals, with increased ageing resistance;
  • low heat transfer coefficient;
  • Low E Solar thermal insulation glazing with Argon:
    • 24 mm pack, 2 glass panes (Planitherm4S 4mm + Float 4mm) – heat transfer coefficient k = 1,0 W/m2K
    • 40 mm pack, 3 glass panes (Planitherm4S 4mm + Float 4mm + LowE 4mm) – heat transfer coefficient k = 0,6 W / m2K
  • Roto NT Titan Mat hardware equipped with burglar-proof mushroom bolts
  • micro-ventilation and foul-proof system
  • reduces energy losses, resulting in lower heating or conditioning costs, and ensures a better soundproofing;
  • superior soundproofing (depending on the glazing pack used) between 34 ÷ 40 dB
  • optionally, a wide range of accessories can be added
  • different options for shape, dimensions, opening method and colors;



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