Bombardier Brasov

Our company’s success is owed to the special attention dedicated towards permanently improving the competence and qualification of our employees.

The BOMBARDIER team is young, dynamic, flexible, and always interested in doing everything that is necessary for each customer to be satisfied and have the guarantee of a long-term investment.

The BOMBARDIER‘s HR policy is to integrate at the best level all the employees and create a strong spirit, specific for the company. The intended result is to become aware that only by working together as a team we will be increasingly better.

The built partnerships with both our suppliers and our customers are based on long-term employment, trust and fairness, transparency, and support.
We have a permanent interest in optimally meeting the requirements and increase the quality of our products and services.
Seriousness, responsibility, and performance driven orientation are the directions in which the whole BOMBARIDER team are working.

BOMBARDIER Brasov offers a wide range of flexible products and services.
‘s representatives aim to offer products and services that accurately and efficiently meet our beneficiaries’ requirements or provide solutions to any special situation.
Unconditional respect for customers and quick adaptability to market requirements are matters that characterize how the company works.

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KOMMERLING was just recently added to the BOMBARDIER portfolio, bringing extra experience, quality, and reputation. PROFINE, the owner of the trademark is occupying the first place worldwide as market volume held in the PVC systems. The characteristics that highlight KOMMERLING’s woodwork profile – ecological, economic, aesthetic, thermal and sound protection, safe, individual, confirm positioning among the German premium windows category.


By working with SALAMANDER Industrie Produkte, Bombardier offers a line of durable and stylish profile, produced by one of the most innovative specialists in the extrusion of PVC profiles. SALAMANDER‘s approach is distinguished by efficient high energy technologies implementation. The unique production recipes, the special mixes and the technological lines developed “in-house”, plus the strict quality control help SALAMANDER profiles to benefit from high technical parameters, and mainly consistency. Very important: Salamander PVC profiles are produced exclusively in Germany!

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Recognized internationally for the innovative solutions, personalized and secure international technology hardware, ROTO‘s designs are created by a team of the best designers and engineers. Making life easier for everybody by breaking down barriers is just one of ROTO visions. As a pioneer in innovative technologies for windows, ROTO believes that its future lies in achieving a joint, intelligent safety, efficiency, and comfort.

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LUSTIC INVEST is distinguished by the qualitive products and services offered, seriousness and professionalism, as well as the flexibility and capability of finding solutions for various special applications. The company has a well-deserved reputation and over time has become one of the producers of reference on the profile market in Romania.